International students participated in “the first-hand experience of Noh and Kyogen”, the Japanese traditionally theatrical performance


On July 23, international and Japanese students of Kanazawa University (KU) took part in the Kanazawa Studies in Ishikawa Summer Course 2016 hosted by the International Student Center at the Ishikawa Prefectural Noh Theater.

In the first half of the class, the participants learned a history of Noh, its distinguishing characteristics, stage business, and vocal method from Mr. Toshihiko YABU, Honsyoryu Shitekata Noh Performing Artist and Visiting Professor of KU and his pupils, Mr. Kiyoshi NAKAMURA and Ms. Nobuko NAKATANI (Housyoryu Shitekata). They also tried on masks and musical instruments such as drums and Japanese flutes. In the last half, Mr. Yujyo NOMURA, Izumi Kyogen Performing Artist, gave a lecture about the history of Kyogen. The participants learned how to perform Kyogen through experience learning. The participants watched Kyogen, “BUSSHI” and Noh, “TATSUTA” after the sessions. Mr. Kotaro SUMI, a graduate of our university, performed in the play of Kyogen. He also gave a lecture about Noh and Kyogen in advance at our university.

The participants had a valuable experience that they cannot have elsewhere and gained a better understanding of Japanese traditional culture and performance.