Delegate from University of Minho Delivered Special Lectures as a Part of “VIA LÁCTEA Project” 【KU-GLOCS ACT.41】


On July 22, Dr. Christina Maria Moreira Flores, Professor of Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies of University of Minho visited Kanazawa University as a part of “VIA LÁCTEA Project”* and gave special lectures hosted by International Student Center and Center for Cultural Resource Studies.

During the special lectures, approximately 15 audiences gained a deeper understanding of the effective learning method of the foreign language learning.

* “VIA LÁCTEA Project” offers a Japan-EU mobility semester program which aims primarily to foster the transnational employability of participants in the expanding cultural services and heritage management sector. The program’s transnational theme is the twinning of two UNESCO World Heritage pilgrim routes: the route of Santiago de Compostela in the northwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula and Kumano Kodo in Japan. “VIA LÁCTEA Project” offers a mobility semester program to 40 students and short stays for 28 staffs from four partner institutions during its three-year program running from October 2014 to September 2017.