Princess Mako of Akishino Visits Maya Site of Copan


Princess Mako of Akishino paid an official visit to the Republic of Honduras and Professor Seiichi Nakamura of the Center for Cultural Resource Studies, Institute of Human and Social Sciences guided her The World Heritage “Maya Site of Copan” on December 6 and 7, 2015.

Also, she attended the opening ceremony of Copan Digital Museum in Copan Ruinas city, and watched the high-definition 3D virtual reality movie “The Maya Site of Copan,” which was supervised by Prof. Nakamura. The museum was established with support from Japanese Government, and graduate students of the Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies, Kanazawa University cooperated to organize the exhibition.

In February 2013, the President and other delegates from Kanazawa University visited the Republic of Honduras, and concluded the Agreement on Cooperation with the Honduran Institute of Anthropology. Since then, KU has been developing a research and education base in Copan like in Tikal, Guatemala, through activities such as fieldwork at the site and cooperation to the exhibition by graduate students of the Cultural Resource Management Program.