Study Abroad First Step Program in Thailand Takes Place


From August 21 to September 1, FY 2017 Study Abroad First Step Program in Thailand took place at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), and 24 students participated. The two-week program mainly targets first-year students who have never been abroad and aims to raise their interest in long-term study abroad programs.

The students attended classes to learn practical English, Thai culture and language, and took part in various activities such as visits to World Heritage sites and local companies, participated in exchange meeting with CEOs. On the first day of the program, President Koetsu Yamazaki made a surprise visit and did radio gymnastic exercises with the participants. Through this program, the students recognized the importance of experiencing and understanding different cultures and increased their interest in learning English and study abroad.

The first round of the program took place in August 2016, and this marked the third time. The next program will run in March 2018.

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