English Training for the Administrative Staff Begins


On September 1, the Kanazawa University English Language Capacity Building Program for Administrative Staff began.

This program is a part of the Top Global University Project (Super Global Universities) for which Kanazawa University has been chosen and aims to improve the English ability of the administrative staff who must take part in the globalization of education and research at the university and who are expected to be globally capable.

This year, we decided 2 new courses after reviewing all the courses from last year. They include: The Introductory and Basic English which is aimed at familiarizing the basic English conversation with beginners, TOEIC 600 Complete course which is aimed at helping score 600 points in TOEIC Test, and lastly, the existing Practical Business English course. The breakdown includes 16, 10, 9 staff members respectively. Therefore a total of 35 staff members will learn English for four month.

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