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ショリフン さん

-Brief Introduction of Yourself

My name is Sholihun, I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Physics, Universitas Gadjah Mada. Currently, I am a Head of the Physics Doctoral Program. My research field is computational materials sciences, particularly, defective crystal and molecular modeling by using the density functional theory.


-How did you get to know Kanazawa University? What is your impression of the university ?

I knew Kanazawa University (KU) when staff from this university visited Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) to introduce the KU-DIKTI program in 2012. I applied for this program and I was granted the scholarship to pursue a doctoral program in KU (2012 – 2015).

My first impression is that in the Autumn season I saw a beautiful view of the campus of KU, which is on the hilltop. Another impression is a professional professor supervised and taught me research and scientific writing, and office staff that helped international students with anything related to campus administration. Another one is that Moslems, including me, feel comfortable with the facilities of the Halal food in the canteen and place to pray on campus.


-List the recent activities as a Collaborative Professor

Some of my activities as a Collaborative Professor are:

  1. As a coordinator in UGM: in Maintaining the Double Degree Program (DDP) between Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UGM and Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology KU
  2. Initiating DDP and Joint Supervision (Sandwich) Program for Doctoral Course
  3. Adviser for Faculty in initiating possible collaborations between UGM and KU
  4. Consultant for UGM students for anything related to Kanazawa University
  5. Share information and handle UGM students and alumni who apply for GHR-MEXT Scholarship at Kanazawa University in preparing needed documents.


  • 圓光大学(大韓民国)
    キム ウー ヒュン さん

  • チェコ工科大学(チェコ)
    ミハル ベネス さん

  • リーハイ大学(アメリカ合衆国)
    キリ リー さん

  • トゥイーロイ大学(ベトナム)
    ホー シ― タム さん

  • カザン連邦大学(ロシア連邦)
    ドミトリ タユルスキー さん

  • モンクット王工科大学トンブリ(タイ)
    学長補佐(国際化担当), 准教授、金沢大学シニアコラボラティブ・プロフェッサー
    アナック カンタチャワナ さん

  • バンドン工科大学(インドネシア)
    アチェプ プルコン さん