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ドミトリ タユルスキー さん

-Brief Introduction of Yourself

I was born in Kazan and spent all my childhood there. In 1985 I graduated Kazan State University and in 1989 got PhD degree in Physics in Kazan University. The main research field was low-temperature physics for me at that time and I am still involved to this area. Moreover, it was the low-temperature physics which connected me with Kanazawa University for the first time. And I am very glad that till now we do the joint-research work with the colleagues at Kanazawa University (Prof. K. Matsumoto and others). In 1990-2010 I worked in laboratories in Germany, France, but mostly in Japan keeping the main position at Kazan State University. In 1997-1998 and 2002-2003 I worked at Kanazawa University and after that every year I visited Kanazawa University to continue the joint research as well as to support all activities between our universities. In 2004-2019 I took the position of the invited scientist at RIKEN (Wako, Japan). Briefly my work experience looks like:

  • 1985-1988 – post-graduate student, Kazan State University (KSU);
  • 1988-1991 – Assistant Professor, Department of General Physics, KSU;
  • 1991-2003 – Associate Professor; • 2003 – Professor, Department of General Physics, KSU;
  • 2008-2010. – Deputy Dean, Physics Department of KSU;
  • 2010-2015 – Deputy Director, Institute of Physics, Kazan Federal University (KFU);
  • 2012-present time – Head of the Department of General Physics, Institute of Physics, KFU;
  • 2015 – present time – Vice-Rector for education of KFU;
  • 2020 – present time – Director, Institute of Physics, KFU.

Today the scope of my scientific interests is broader: new materials for quantum technologies, quantum fluids, impurities in quantum fluids, non-extensive statistical physics, quantum biophysics


-How did you get to know Kanazawa University?  What is your impression of the university ?

For the first time I have heard about Kanazawa University in 1995 from Prof. H. Suzuki and in 1997 I have been invited to Kanazawa University as lecturer. From that time I know Kanazawa University like classical university with a deep motivation to be the leading research university. Very kind atmosphere inside university, beautiful campuses, kind staff, good students – all of that characterize Kanazawa University only in part. The whole impression seems to be difficult to describe.


-List the recent activities as a Collaborative Professor

2017-present time – support for “Inter-University Exchange Project -Training Program for Russia-Japan Innovative Leaders of Tomorrow”

2019 – consortium for academic exchange between Russia and Ishikawa

2021 – support for the contacts between Kanazawa University and Baltic Sea Countries’ universities


  • 圓光大学(大韓民国)
    キム ウー ヒュン さん

  • チェコ工科大学(チェコ)
    ミハル ベネス さん

  • ガジャ・マダ大学(インドネシア)
    ショリフン さん

  • リーハイ大学(アメリカ合衆国)
    キリ リー さん

  • トゥイーロイ大学(ベトナム)
    ホー シ― タム さん

  • モンクット王工科大学トンブリ(タイ)
    学長補佐(国際化担当), 准教授、金沢大学シニアコラボラティブ・プロフェッサー
    アナック カンタチャワナ さん

  • バンドン工科大学(インドネシア)
    アチェプ プルコン さん