The community and KU-SGU

Implementing hands-on programs through a proactive approach based on understanding the culture
and attractions of the three prefectures in the Hokuriku region, centered on the city of Kanazawa.

【 overview 】

Kanazawa University’s human-resources education model

Kanazawa University Global Standard (KUGS) coming soon…

Programs implemented with the cooperation of community residents

Programs to strengthen human power
  • Hands-on program extending beyond community boundaries
    • 大Improving human power, encouraging intercultural understanding, contributing to the community, and fostering cooperation through experiencing everyday life off campus and interacting with local residents.
Internships (in Japan) Internships conducted with businesses, local governments, and other organizations
Survival Japanese education Teaching the minimal level of Japanese needed for living in Japan, to international students who do not require Japanese for their studies at the University

Community network

Kanazawa University Stakeholders Conference Reporting of performance by the University to KU stakeholders including the community, alumni, current students, and those paying for students’ educations, incorporating stakeholders’ views into University management


International student support app coming soon…
Community advisor system coming soon…