International students and KU-SGU

Learning amid a complete education system, a comfortable environment,
and thorough support in Kanazawa,
which combines traditional and state-of-the-art culture.

【 overview 】

KUGS curriculum

Kanazawa University “Global” Standard (KUGS) coming soon…
English courses Setting up a framework under which all courses in each program can be completed through English-language courses only
Human enrichment programs
  • Hands-on program extending beyond community boundaries
    • Improving human power, encouraging intercultural understanding, contributing to the community, fostering cooperation through experiencing everyday life off campus and interacting with local residents.
  • Internships (in Japan)
    • Internships provided for international students.
Quarter system Developing an environment that makes it easy for international students to study.

eforms to entrance exam system

Online application, online interview system Developing a unified system for administration of testing before arrival in Japan and acceptance of student entry (Kanazawa University Admission Center).

Organizations, facilities

International exchange room coming soon…
Sakigake lodging for domestic and international students coming soon…

Other support

Mental healthcare Assigning specialists with English abilities to the health center, particularly for mental health services, to support international students.
Learning concierge Employing graduate students (mainly international students) as learning concierges for international students, both supporting the leaning of international students and helping the concierges themselves grow through these activities.
Collaborative professors Professors overseas providing support for Kanazawa University through use of alumni networks and other resources. Reliable assistance overseas.
Central exchange facilities overseas Liaison offices are opened in central exchange facilities that concentrate on student exchange.
Community network
  • International student support app
  • Community advisor system
  • Survival English education