International students and KU-SGU

Learning amid a complete education system, a comfortable environment,
and thorough support in Kanazawa,
which combines traditional and state-of-the-art culture.

Graduate Program in Cultural Resource Management
(Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies)


My name is Maharani from Indonesia. My fascination for sustainable design, renewable materials and crafts development led me to undertake research through Bachelor and Master Degrees in Product Design at the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) in Indonesia. I chose to continue my study in Leading Graduate School, Cultural Resource Management Program, Kanazawa University.

Together with archaeology and anthropology students from several countries in Asia, I am the only design student in my class. I believe that design also plays an important role in the development of both tangible and intangible cultural resources, and the program’s goal facilitates this.

The program provides both outdoor and indoor learning process including field trips, lectures and seminars that broaden my mind, especially concerning with cultural resources. The rivalry friendship and class atmosphere are also significantly delightful. Along with salutary professors and teaching staffs, we participated in international summer field school, workshops and conferences in Cultural Resource Management.

With my educational background in design, and learning further about utilization of cultural resources, I hope that in the near future I can be more beneficial to global societies. In order to do so, one of my dreams now is to collaborate with related authorities or organizations. My next short-term goal is to teach and do research, hopefully get an employment in UNESCO in order to be able to learn how they manage all the world’s heritages and to apply it for my long-term goal, which is to actively contribute in the culture sustainability and education in developing countries, to make the world a better place to live.

In order to create better leaders as valuable human resources, not only driven individuals are substantial, but also the studying environment is one of the key elements. This program is one good initiative commenced by Kanazawa University.


★Click HERE for details of the Graduate Program in Cultural Resource Management.

(Updated: June 25, 2015)

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