International students and KU-SGU

Learning amid a complete education system, a comfortable environment,
and thorough support in Kanazawa,
which combines traditional and state-of-the-art culture.

Japanese Language and Culture Program, International Student Center
National Taiwan University (Taiwan)

LIN Shih-Ting

I major in Japanese in my college. When I was junior, my senior friend was studying abroad in Kanazawa university, he told me that ”You will find Kanazawa university suits you very much”. Mostly out of curiosity, I have come here.

Kanazawa is really a great city. It is a city full of almost all the traditional industries of Japan and a city full of Japanese culture. The population here is quite moderate that you don’t feel crowded like the other big city. You can enjoy the seasons of Japan in here too. The cherry blossoms of Asano River and Kenrokuen-Garden are really fascinating. And I also enjoyed the snow that I’ve never experience before. (It snows so much!)

The Program B (Japanese Language & Culture Program)  is being thought as the busiest program among all the short-term exchange program conducted at the International Student Center. In reality, it really contains a lot of event, like the Noto-Satoyama camp and tons of kinds of culture experiencing event. Also through the foster parents program, you can communicate with local people and learn a lot about things they never told you in text books. It also contains decent lessons in the university that provide you plenty of chances to discuss and to think differently. Program B has a final report which doesn’t contained in all the other short-term exchange programs, which is required to be done by high academic standard. It seems exhausting, but I consider that it’s really meaningful for learning about the know-how of academic gradually in one year, with all the friends came from different country.

Last but not least, the people in Kanazawa are really friendly. Although the Japanese are often considered as very shy, the students in Kanazawa Univ. are willing to communicate and to play with exchange students, and it’s also welcomed to join the club activity. The teachers and the staff of the International Student Section are also very kind and would like to help you everything. It’s such a relief for a students who studying abroad alone.

If you like to live in a traditional city which is full of Japanese’s great old things, and want to learn more than all the other exchange students, I really recommend the Program B of Kanazawa University.


★Click HERE for details of the Japanese Language & Culture Program.

(Updated: May 15, 2015)


  • Participated in the class for international understanding at high school as a panelist.

    Participated in the class for international understanding at high school as a panelist.

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