International students and KU-SGU

Learning amid a complete education system, a comfortable environment,
and thorough support in Kanazawa,
which combines traditional and state-of-the-art culture.

Kanazawa University Student Exchange Program (KUSEP)
University of Malaya (Malaysia)

LEE Kenny Chee Wah

Before I apply for my student exchange program at Kanazawa University, I always want to do my exchange program in Japan as I was fascinated by the uniqueness of Japanese culture since I was a child. Fortunately, Kanazawa University is offering short term exchange program opportunity. So without any hesitation, I apply for the KUSEP program. Before coming to Japan, I took various training and leadership programs to improve and understand my own values.

One of my main objectives from joining this exchange program is to meet and communicate with local Japanese people. So far, I have joined activities such as performing Yosakoi dance with Japanese students and Noto study tour to learn about the concept of “Satoyama and Satoumi”. The tour in Noto peninsula allowed me to further develop my Japanese communication ability through communicating with the villagers in Suzu city.

I also got the opportunity to attend and discuss the future development of Kanazawa University in the globalized era through roundtable discussion at “SGU” Symposium. I hope the university will take consideration into student’s idea and suggestions in doing projects that helps to contribute to the university, especially in achieving the Super Global University (SGU). By involving both international students and Japanese students in creating projects, not only it allows students to interact and exchange ideas but also to learn about cultural diversity.

My greatest ambition is to get involved in an international organization like the United Nations or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to represent my country as an ambassador to solve world challenges. I hope all the knowledge and language ability that I gained through KUSEP program will aid me to achieve this goal.


★Click HERE for details of Kanazawa University Student Exchange Program (KUSEP).

(Updated: March 27, 2015)





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