International students and KU-SGU

Learning amid a complete education system, a comfortable environment,
and thorough support in Kanazawa,
which combines traditional and state-of-the-art culture.

Kanazawa University Student Exchange Program (KUSEP)
University of Regensburg (Germany)

KOHL Dominik Thomas

Kanazawa University is a partner university of my home university in Germany. It is already a rather long-running partnership and so I could rely on a lot of reports of former exchange students and the experienced help of my university’s International Office. Moreover, all the information offered on the KUSEP-program by Kanazawa University itself seemed well-prepared and inviting. So, after deciding to apply for studies abroad in Japan, Kanazawa University was my first choice.

At Kanazawa University, I participated in several events and courses on Japanese culture (Japanese pottery, tea ceremony, traditional music, etc.), visited notable sights of the city, joined the Karate Club of Kanazawa University and tried to improve my Japanese. The experiences most important to me, though, stem from sharing Japanese everyday life, meeting new people and sometimes relating to them in a language I still new to me.

If you like the idea of experiencing Japanese culture and improving your Japanese in a well-organized, really international 1-year-program, give it a go with Kanazawa University and its KUSEP exchange program. I’m sure, it will meet your expectations. The atmosphere is friendly and maybe you’ll end up seeing more of Japan than if you were in Tokyo or Osaka instead (you’ll go there anyway). But don’t forget to bring an umbrella.


★Click HERE for details of Kanazawa University Student Exchange Program (KUSEP).

(Updated: March 25, 2015)




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