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*Taking the program at the Kanazawa University Super Global ELP Center*
School of Law, College of Human and Social Sciences


In April 2015, the Kanazawa University Super Global ELP Center, which is one of the featured initiatives of the Top Global University Project, was opened. The center, in cooperation with Tufts University ELP (English Language Program), offers three programs: one for the faculty to improve their ability to lecture in English, one for the administrative staff to improve their business English skills and one for the students to prepare for their study abroad, including the TOEFL/IELTS test.

Here is the interview with Ms. Maho Kuretake, who is one of the students taking the program.

-Why did you decide to take this program?

I want to gain skills such as English language and cross-cultural understanding in order to have a job at an airline company in the future. So I decided to participate in the language training program at Monash University, Australia in summer. Since the program at Monash includes taking the IELTS test, I thought I should prepare for IELTS before that. At that time, I received a flyer for this new program at the guidance in the beginning of semester, and immediately decided to take the program. Not only because the program included IELTS preparation, but also because I was intrigued by the fact that we can experience classes in American university in the second semester. There are only a few courses conducted in English other than English language courses.

-How is the class? I heard that the program is hard.

The classes are completely conducted in English, so at the beginning I could hardly understand what the teacher was saying and I worried about keeping up with the class. But gradually I got used to it and I became able to understand most of the content at the end of the first semester. We had to do a practice test of IELTS every week to prepare for the class. Sometimes it was hard to spare the continuous 2 hours and 45 minutes to take one set of the practice test.

-Assistant Prof. Rosenberg told us that the students have to visit his office and have a talk with him at least once a week.

That’s right. I visit his office not because he told us to, but because I would like to. This is a good opportunity to practice speaking and listening. We’re lucky to have that opportunity which other courses hardly have.

-That’s why you came to his office even during summer vacation. Are there any other advantages of this program?

When I participated in the language program at Monash University, it was easy to get accustomed to the program conducted fully in English, thanks to this class. If not for it, I would have wasted time just to get used to it. Also, I got excited when I found what I learned in the questions of the IELTS test I took the other day.

-That proves that this program is truly practical. Do you have any plans to study abroad for a longer period in the future?

I would like to but it seems difficult because of economic reasons.

-Kanazawa University has been enhancing the scholarships for study abroad. So I hope that you will try studying abroad using those scholarships. Lastly, do you recommend this English program at the ELP center for other students?

Absolutely! I want many students to take this program, though I’m worried if the time to talk with Prof. Rosenberg will be shorter because of the increased number of students.

-I understand that this program is really useful and you’re really enjoying it. Thank you for your time today.


(Interviewed in September, 2015)

  • Talking with Assistant Prof. Rosenberg at his office

    Talking with Assistant Prof. Rosenberg at his office

  • In Melbourne, where Monash University is located

    In Melbourne, where Monash University is located

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