Research exchange conference in celebration of the grand opening of the Kanazawa University Beijing Office


In celebration of the grand opening of the Kanazawa University Beijing Office, a research exchange conference took place on March 25th in Beijing, China. Thirty-one students from Kanazawa University and 71 students from various top-level Chinese universities attended. The purpose was to allow the student participants to exchange information about research from top-level universities.

Students were divided into 3 groups and with the help of Kanazawa University professors as facilitators they all participated in a group discussion about research activity within their own specific fields. After this, students presented summaries of their research. When the discussion and presentations were finished, the participants convened for a luncheon in a more casual environment where they could further discuss their research.

Kanazawa University has created its own scholarship to promote research activities abroad. This scholarship is awarded to graduate students who both…
1.  Go overseas to attend international conferences, seminars/internships, or laboratory rotations.
2.  Do research exchange with scholars who belong to universities ranking in the top 400 in the world.

For further information, please visit the link below:

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