The 3rd KU-GLOCS Symposium Takes Place 【KU-GLOCS ACT.67】


On March 11th, the 3rd KU-GLOCS Symposium, “Kanazawa University Brand” Human Resources Starting Global Career, took place. This symposium aimed to directly communicate to high school students, their teachers, and those involved in our university including our faculty, staff and students, what our university has achieved in the past two and half years and future plans, as well as to promote globalization in Ishikawa Prefecture. The symposium was planned in cooperation with 11 high schools in Ishikawa.

First, KU Vice President Masayoshi Shibata explained KU’s globalization in education, invitation to study abroad, and future changes in the entrance exam. Afterward, 3 KU students whose career path have opened up by study abroad experience or international internship and 4 high school students with study abroad experience reported and shared their progress. In the panel discussion that followed, the panelists discussed on the topics of “What is needed in order to find global career?”

Approximately 200 persons including 160 high school students from 11 high schools in Ishikawa and high school of neighboring prefecture attended the event.

After the symposium, a networking session was held for high school students to interact with KU students. They talked about various topics such as study abroad and how to start a business, and deepened their ties.

This symposium was planned and run in cooperation with KU-SGU Student Staff (*). There are many more events to come which will be planned and operated by them. If you are interested, please feel free to join our meeting held on every Monday from 12:00 to 13:00 at Top Global University Project Planning and Promotion Office.

*”KU-SGU Student Staff” is a group of KU students who cooperate with the university to promote our Top Global University Project.

01_柴田理事_大学近況報告 ”Vice President Shibata giving presentation”

02_本学学生による留学報告 ”KU student talking about his study abroad experience”

IMG_2483 ”KU student and high school students enjoying conversation at networking event”