The International Joint Seminar with Sun Yat-sen University took place


From February 15th to 17th, 3 faculty members and 16 undergraduate and graduate students from Sun Yat-sen University (China) visited Kanazawa University, and the international joint seminar took place at Kanazawa University Satellite Plaza. Fifteen students (school of regional development studies, school of teacher education and school of humanities) and 3 faculty members from Kanazawa University participated. This year marks the fourth time for the joint seminar.


The purpose of the joint seminar is for the participants to learn about Kanazawa and Guangzhou through fieldworks during the visit to each university every other year. The participants this time made a field trip to observe the maintenance of historical landscapes and production areas of traditional crafts (Yamanaka lacquerware and Kutani pottery). On the last day, they made presentations in English on the theme of investigation method and social meaning of joint research for the Japanese and the Chinese students based on what they have learned in the joint seminar.


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