Press Conference for Dr. Jean-Pierre Sauvage Takes Place


On October 28, a press conference for Dr. Jean-Pierre Sauvage, one of KU’s Research Professors who was awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016, took place.

At the beginning, President Koetsu Yamazaki delivered a congratulatory address for Dr. Sauvage and explained about the Research Professor system. Then, Dr. Sauvage talked about why he accepted to be a Research Professor and how he felt about it. Also, he said that he was so glad to have opportunities to have conversations with our students and exchange ideas with our faculty members.

Afterward, Vice President Chisato Mukai (Trustee for Research) and Prof. Motohiro Mizuno of Institute for Frontier Science Initiative explained the situation surrounding the university’s research promotion and projects. At last, Dr. Sauvage stated that all applied research stem from basic research, and it is important for universities to deepen their ties with industry.