Community learning “Super” Experience Program in Ogi, Noto Takes Place 【KU-GLOCS ACT.52】


“Community learning “Super” Experience Program” was held in Ogi, Noto from September 30 to October 2, and 24 students including international students joined the event.

This subject consists of prep classes (3 times), camp (3 days and 2 nights), review class (once), report meeting, and final report. Its aim is to nurture human resilience which will help the students train and develop oneself through recognizing the importance of physical and mental strength, accepting diverse ways of thinking, and being aware that they are members of the society in an environment where they share joys and sorrows with each other.

They experienced Zen meditation, worked together, stayed at local residents’ house, and listened to the lectures by President Koetsu YAMAZAKI and Vice President Yoshihiro FUKUMORI. They cooperated with each other in mowing the grass beside the farm road. In the Noto Marine Laboratory of the Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology, they observed marine life from the boat, and measured the water clarity and temperature. Then, they joined with their host family and deepened their understandings of the area through working and talking with them. These experiences gave them some clues to develop themselves. After this, students will take review class, participate in report meetings, submit final report, and get 1 credit.

This year’s program will be held 4 times and the next one will be held from February 11 to 13, 2017 in Gokayama.