Vice President for International Affairs visit Copan Ruinas Honduras


On September 18, Vice President Hiroshi Yamamoto (in charge of International Affairs, Hospital and Alumni Association), Professor Seiichi Nakamura (Center for Cultural Resource Studies) and other delegates visited the World Heritage Maya Site of Copan and Copan Digital Museum in Honduras.

Vice President Yamamoto was conferred the title of honorary citizen from Mayor of Copan Ruinas, Helmy Giacoman at the welcome ceremony. Then, General Manager Virgilio Paredes of the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History handed a letter to KU delegates to approve the installation of KU liaison office in the Center for Human Resources Development in Restoration and repairmen of Cultural Heritages which is now under construction by the Honduran Government. Afterword, Professor Nakamura released the information on the new discovery in the archaeological park to local media. Local media reported KU delegate’s visit and the importance of the newly found burials.

Kanazawa University and the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History concluded a partnership in February 2013. It is expected that this visit will promote further cooperation between the two institutions.

The article in the local newspaper is available here.