Internship Program in Angkor Begins


On August 22, the internship program at the Authority for Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia, one of our international partner institutions (University-Level), started.

This internship program, co-hosted by the School of International Studies and the Institute of Natural and Environmental Technology, aims to train human resources who will lead the global society. Also, the programs was accredit as one of the Japan-Cambodia Kizuna Events by the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia.

This year, the seventh time, 10 students including 8 students from the College of Human and Social Sciences and 2 students from Komatsu College participated in the program, and 2 tutors who participated in the program last year, joined them as well. 

The students will be engaged in maintaining walking paths, preserving the water and forest environment, and developing the infrastructure for tourists in cooperation with the staff of the authority until the program ends on September 2.