Accepting students to “Discover and Experience Art in Kanazawa (DEAi Kanazawa)”


Discover and Experience Art in Kanazawa (DEAi Kanazawa) was held for three weeks, from June 20 to July 8. We welcomed one student from the United States, one from Great Britain, and two from the Netherlands as the very first students to the Kanazawa University’s new short-term program. Kanazawa University partnered with Kanazawa College of Arts offered the students numerous opportunities to experience arts in Ishikawa.

For the first two weeks, the students stayed in Kanazawa University and moved a primary learning location to Kanazawa College of Art for the last one week, where they created their own art works in the studio. The students learned about a history and ideas behind each of Japanese arts from a journal article and an expert in the field. And then, they visited Kenrokuen and 21st Century Museum and tried Mizuhiki crafts, calligraphy, tea ceremony, making Japanese sweets, and gold reef craftwork. They also worked on Japanese painting, textile dyeing, painting Kutani ceramics, and making inlaid key chains at Kanazawa College of Art. An overnight trip to the Noto district gave them an opportunity to make salts and glass crafts. At night, they joined Abare Matsuri (a festival) and felt the energy of a Japanese festival.

Students received certificates of the completion of DEAi Kanazawa and parted their ways. We would like to thank the professors, the experts in arts who served as guest lecturers, and Japanese students who dedicated their time and energy to this program.