Students Experience New Year Tradition in Kanazawa


On December 6, the Center for Regional Collaboration hosted “Experience New Year Tradition in Kanazawa Through Food and Games” at Kakuma-no-Sato, and 30 students including international students joined the event.

This event aimed to promote the understanding of local culture and cultural exchanges between students and local people through enjoying the traditional New Year’s culture in Kanazawa. In the first half of the event, the local people taught the students how to play “Hatagenpei,” a traditional game unique to Kanazawa, and they played Karuta, Japanese playing cards, designed by students. In the latter half, they enjoyed Kanazawa’s traditional food and sake using traditional tableware such as Wajima lacquer ware and Kutani pottery.

The students deepened their understandings of local culture through experiencing traditional culture in Kanazawa with local people.