Community learning “Super” Experience Program in Ogi, Noto Takes Place 【KU-GLOCS ACT.17】


Community learning “Super” Experience Program in Ogi, Noto [KU-GLOCS ACT.17] took place from September 17 to 19, and 20 students joined the event.

From this year, Kanazawa University started to offer Community learning “Super” Experience Program as a general education course. This program consists of “Camp with President” in which the President Koetsu YAMAZAKI directly gives direction to the students. This time was the second time following the program in Suzu held in July.

On the first day, the participants experienced Zen meditation at Sojiji Temple in Wajima city. After that, they harvested rice and hanged out them to dry them at “Shunran-no Sato,” which has been trying to activate the local agriculture and community in Noto town. On the second day, they visited the Noto Marine Laboratory of the Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology and observed marine life from the boat. Then, they joined with their host family and worked cooperatively with them in cooking, cleaning and farming.

The participants built up their human resilience needed in the society through working together with other participants from different schools and courses. Also, they learned a lot about the culture and the life in Noto area.