Mayor of Suzu City Has Lecture on “The Present Situation and Problems of Suzu City” 【KU-GLOCS ACT.15】


On July 11, Mayor of Suzu city had a lecture on “The Present Situation and Problems of Suzu City.”

This was the prep class for “Camp in Suzu with President” [KU-GLOCS ACT.15] and the students, faculty and administrative staff who will participate in the camp attended. Mr. Masuhiro IZUMIYA, Mayor of Suzu City, explained what the city had done so far to become a more vibrant and productive city including his own experiences. The audience listened attentively to his impassionate lecture and deepened their understandings of Suzu City.

They will go to Suzu City from July 18 to 20 and participate in activities such as mowing grass, staying with local people and so on, in order to foster human resilience. They are expected to further deepen their understanding of the city through those field activities.