“Kanazawa University Top Global University Luncheon Session for Students” Takes Place 【KU-GLOCS ACT.7】


Between July 7 and 15, “Kanazawa University Top Global University Luncheon Session for Students” took place for three times at Kakuma Campus and one time at Takaramachi / Tsuruma Campus, and approximately 255 students in total attended the events.

First, President Koetsu YAMAZAKI explained the outline of Top Global University Project and Kanazawa University’s vision. Afterward, Vice President Masayoshi SHIBATA (Education and Student Affairs) explained the initiatives for globalization of the university such as quarter system from 2016 fiscal year, support for English learning and English proficiency test, study abroad programs, and scholarship and other support for those programs. Lastly, Dean of each School (Director General of the Organization of Liberal Arts and Science on July 7,) gave a message to the students.

Their impassionate speeches made approximately 70% of the students interested in study abroad, according to the results of the questionnaire. On the other hand, there are requests for more detailed information about quarter system and classes in English. We will continue to have opportunities to share the information with the students.


Dates and Places

(1) July 7 (Tue.) 12:10-12:45 @ Room A1, General Education Lecture Hall, Kakuma Campus

(2) July 9 (Thu.) 12:10-12:45 @ Room 3, School of Medicine Hall G, Takaramachi Campus & Room 5104, School of Health Sciences Hall 5, Tsuruma Campus*

*Via video conference system

(3) July 14 (Tue.) 12:10-12:45 @ Lecture Hall A & B, Natural Science Lecture Hall, Kakuma Campus

(4) July 15 (Wed.) 12:10-12:45 @ Room 101, Human and Social Science Lecture Hall 1, Kakuma Campus