PII Students Join the Courses at Kanazawa University


On July 1, four students from Princeton University and other universities visiting by PII (Princeton In Ishikawa) program attended the Experience in Japanese Culture and Society program “Japanese Art Performance and Music,” of the International Student Center.

Kanazawa University has been opening some courses and laboratories to PII students since 2 years before in response to the request by PII and in order to promote the globalization through exchanges with bright students from abroad.

Prof. Satoshi NISHIMURA from the Faculty of Letters, Institute of Human and Social Sciences gave a lecture on one of the most-performed Japanese Noh plays called “Hagoromo (The Feather Mantle).” After he explained the plot and highlight, the participants tried to sing Noh chants. Since the course is a joint class of Japanese students, international students at Kanazawa University and PII students, they deepened their exchange while learning about Noh. 27 PII students in total joined 11 courses such as “Jodo (Way of the Stick)” and “Developmental Biology Lab” from June 22 to July 3.