Presentation Session for Sabbatical Leave for Research Takes Place


On June 26, “Presentation Session for Sabbatical Leave for Research 2015” took place for the first time after the implementation of sabbatical leave system at Kakuma Campus and 37 faculty and administrative staff attended the event.

Sabbatical leave exempts the faculty’s duty at Kanazawa University for a certain period of time to allow them to concentrate on research in Japan and abroad and aims to improve the quality of education and research. 9 faculty members got sabbatical leave in FY 2014 and 7 faculty members in FY 2015.

President Koetsu YAMAZAKI stated that he’d like the faculty members to actively get sabbatical leave and contribute to improve the quality of education and research at Kanazawa University in his opening address. Afterward, 7 faculty members who have completed their research in FY2014 gave presentations about the outcome of the research and the opinions about the sabbatical leave system. Lastly, Vice President Yoshihiro FUKUMORI gave the closing address stating that he’d like to enhance the system leveraging the ideas sharedin the presentations.