“Mowing with the President Project 2015 with PII” Takes Place


On June 20, “Mowing with the President Project 2015 with PII” took place at “Satoyama Zone” in Kakuma Campus and about 80 participants including students from Kanazawa University as well as universities abroad, local NPO staff and forestry cooperative staff joined the event.

The aim of the project is to deepen the understanding of the preservation and maintenance of Satoyama and to foster the human resilience for the students to succeed in the society in the future through working hard on mowing under the leadership of the President. This time, the second round of the project, students from Princeton University and other universities abroad, who had been in Kanazawa for PII (Princeton In Ishikawa) hosted by Ishikawa prefecture, joined the event and they experienced mowing grass and planting trees.

Afterward, they enjoyed making “Sasazushi,” pressed sushi wrapped in sasa bamboo leaves, with local NPO staff and deepened the ties with the community through local food culture.