International Student Center Team wins the “Good Sweat Prize” at “Hyakumangoku- Odorinagashi” (Bon dance parade)


On June 6, approximately one hundred international and Japanese students of Kanazawa University (KU) took part in the Bon dance parade called “Hyakumangoku-Odorinagashi” of the 64th Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival. They formed a team called “Dance with the KU President – Kanazawa University opening up its doors to both local and global society” with Vice-president Masayoshi Shibata and the staff members of the Organization of Global Affairs.

The international and domestic students wearing the same Happi coat performed with a great teamwork and showed a cheerful dance with a pleasant sweat and very best smile, which led them to win the “Good Sweat Prize.” It was the 6th time for a KU team to win a prize in the last seven years.

A student who participated in the pre-training session said in a TV interview, “I heard from a senior international student about the parade. I am truly looking forward to participating in it.”