“Mowing with the President Project 2015” starts!


On May 9, “Mowing with the President Project 2015” took place at “Satoyama Zone” in Kakuma Campus and about 60 participants including students, faculty and administrative staff joined the event.

The aim of the project is to deepen the understanding of the preservation and maintenance of Satoyama and to foster the human power for the students to succeed in the society the future. The participants and the President walked around the Satoyama Zone for an hour and mowed the grass together. Afterward, they enjoyed rice balls with locally grown bamboo shoot prepared for them by the local residents, and deepened the ties with the community.

This project is planned to take place again on June 20 and October 17. On June 20, students from Princeton University and other international partner universities of Kanazawa University will join the event.