Kanazawa University Selected for Top Global University Project


The following program submitted by Kanazawa University has been selected for MEXT’s “Top Global University Project” for Year 2014.
The program aims to promote university reforms necessary for internationalization, in order to further strengthen the university’s current functions as the stronghold of intellect in East Asia and accelerate the internationalization. Under the leadership of our president, the entire university community will strive together to lead the internationalization and globalization of Japan through the establishment of “Kanazawa University Model” for the internationalization and globalization of universities and making it widely available to regional universities.

Program name  Developing Human Resources to Lead the Global Society and Establishing the Kanazawa University Brand by Thorough Internationalization
Category Type B – Leading Globalization
Content  Kanazawa University has the following vision of the university 10 years from now.
1.A university that provides world-class high quality education based on its unique global human resource training standards
2.A university that leads the globalization of Japan by educating “Kanazawa University Brand” human resources who can contribute all over the world
3.A university that is at the core of the world’s research and higher education network in East Asia
In order to make the above come true, the university will carry out reforms based on Yamazaki Plan 2014 and the seven basic strategies responding to education, research, internationalization and governance.