Dr. Jean-Pierre Sauvage Delivered a Special Lecture


On November 8, Dr. Jean-Pierre Sauvage, one of KU’s Research Professors who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016, delivered a special lecture at the Large Lecture Room, Natural Science and Technology Lecture Hall, and approximately 150 students attended. This event was held as a part of the university’s research projects called “CHOZEN PROJECT (Establishment of the Developmental Base for the Innovative Material Science Using Supramolecule).”

After the opening address by President Koetsu Yamazaki, Dr. Sauvage gave a lecture titled “Chemically,electrochemically and photochemically driven molecular machines.” The students listened attentively as the Nobel laureate talked about his research, and there were active questions from the audience.

(*1) Research Professor System provides the appointed professors with the environment where they are able to concentrate on research in order to accelerate the research areas in which our university has had prominent achievements, promote advanced and creative research and enrich various fundamental research. There are three types including “Visiting Researcher Type” appointed to the researchers from Japan and abroad who have achieved outstanding performances, “Internal Promotion Type” for the researchers of Kanazawa University who have who have achieved outstanding performances and “Young Researcher Type” for the young researchers of both Kanazawa University and other universities.


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