“Mowing with the President Project 2017″ Takes Place

On October 21,“Mowing with the President Project 2017″took place at “Satoyama Zone”in Kakuma Campus, and about 40 participants including students, faculty, administrative staff, students and staff of Noto Satoyama Satoumi Meister Training Program, staff from local NPO and forestry cooperative staff joined the event.

The aim of the project is to deepen the understanding of the preservation and maintenance of Satoyama and to foster the human resilience for the students to succeed in the future society through working hard on mowing under the leadership of the President. This was the second round of the project in 2017 and approximately 130 employees of Hokuriku Electric Power Company also participated in the project as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Afterward, the President delivered a special lecture titled “Expectation to Noto Satoyama Satoumi Meister Training Program.” After the lecture, the participants enjoyed Bento box lunch and pork and vegetable miso soup, and had a good time with each other.

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