The 1st Educational Reform Symposium Takes Place


On October 14, the 1st Kanazawa University Educational Reform Symposium took place in Tokyo, and approximately 100 persons from within and outside the university participated.
The purpose of this symposium was to transmit the information about our university’s educational reform, etc., and its theme was “Nurturing ‘Kanazawa University Brand’ human resources who take active roles in global society.”

Following the explanation on educational reform by KU Vice President Masayoshi Shibata, there was a lecture on what is necessary for the future global human resources by Mr. Kenji Hashimoto, Deputy Director, Office of Human Resources Policy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

In the panel discussion that followed, Mr. Hashimoto and 4 panelists (KU alumni and KU students) discussed the question, “How do you think what you have learned at Kanazawa University is useful in the society?” After the symposium, a networking session was held for KU job placement officers and recruiters from various companies.

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