The 1st Study Abroad First Step Program in China Takes Place


From September 8 to 15, the Study Abroad First Step Program in China took place for the first time in collaboration with our partner universities, Beijing Normal University and Tsinghua University, and 16 students participated. The Study Abroad First Step Program mainly targets first-year students who have never been abroad and aims to raise their interest in long-term study abroad programs.

The eight-day program was planned in cooperation with Kanazawa University Beijing Office which was established last October, and offers reliable support system. Its objective is to deepen understanding about the history of China by visiting the world heritages in Beijing and Xi’an, and to promote cultural exchange with local students.

The students took part in various activities such as visits to the Great Wall Box House (Beijing), Xi’an City Wall and the Terracotta Army (Xi’an), attended classes to learn about China, and had exchange meeting with Chinese students. The next program will run in September 2018.

_北京師範大学での交流活動 _古北口長城を参観(清華大学の学生と) _鐘楼をバックに記念撮影(西安電子科技大学の学生と)