Conference for Kanazawa University Stakeholders Takes Place【KU-GLOCS ACT.86】

On July 8th, “Conference for Kanazawa University Stakeholders” took place in Kanazawa. Approximately 150 persons including Kanazawa University students, their guardians, high school teachers, staff, local residents and people from business sector attended the event.

The purpose of this conference is to report the university’s latest status of education, research and governance to our stakeholders who support and cooperate with Kanazawa University and to ask for their opinions and requests. The conference took place for the first time two years ago.
We hold similar events separately for students, their guardians and the business sector, but this conference is the only opportunity for all of them to come together.

After the opening address by President Koetsu Yamazaki, there were reports on the present status of the university from Vice President Mukai.
Afterward, there were active discussions and we received various requests and encouragements of different perspectives from the alumni, business sector and local governments.