Prince and Princess Akishino Visited Tikal National Park where Kanazawa University has a Research Center


Prince and Princess Akishino paid an official visit to the Republic of Guatemala and Professor Seiichi Nakamura of the Center for Cultural Resource Studies, Institute of Human and Social Sciences guided them to Popol Vuh Museum on October 1 and Tikal National Park on October 2.

“The Preservation and Research Center for the Cultural Heritage in Tikal National Park,” which was established by JICA Grant Aid and Professor Nakamura participated in the establishment as JICA Technical Advisor, is located in the north part of Guatemala. Prince and Princess Akishino visited the center and saw the graduate students belonging to the Cultural Resource Manager Training Program at Kanazawa University Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies scanning the excavated artifacts with 3D scanner. They also visited the central part of Tikal, the largest ancient city cite of Mayan civilization, and Professor Nakamura explained the projects conducted by Kanazawa University cooperating with the local government or JICA in order to preserve and utilize the ruins. They visited the Kanazawa University office at Tikal as well.