“Kanazawa University Honorary Professor” Awarded to Dr. Yasushi AKASHI


On April 28th, the title of Kanazawa University Honorary Professor was awarded to Dr. Yasushi AKASHI (Chairman of The International House of Japan, a non-profit, non-governmental organization).

The title is awarded to an individual outside of the university who has made a significant contribution to the development of academic culture and society as well as to the development of educational research activities of Kanazawa University through many years of dedication and service, and is expected to continuously contribute to further promotion and development. This title was established in May 2017, and Dr. AKASHI is the very first awardee.

Dr. AKASHI has rich experience in international society including career as a former deputy secretary general of the United Nations, and also he delivered a special lecture at “MEXT Top Global University Project Kanazawa University Kick-Off Symposium” held in March 2015. President YAMAZAKI presented him with a commemorative gift at the ceremony.

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