Message from the President

Fostering Kanazawa University-brand human resources who can become the core leaders of our global society, as well as becoming an international innovation hub that establishes a virtuous cycle with people, knowledge, and society

     Kanazawa University has continued to reform ceaselessly with the basic philosophy of being “a research university dedicated to education, while opening up its doors to both local and global society.” In particular, since being selected for the Top Global University Project in 2014, we have accelerated university reformation and internationalization of education with the aim of “Developing human resources to lead the global society and establishing the Kanazawa University brand by thorough internationalization.”

     In 2016, we introduced new curricula that comply with the Kanazawa University “Global” Standards (KUGS), which indicate in concrete terms the human resources that the university aims to educate. In addition, we have built a “Community Learning ‘Super’ Experience Program” to educate human resources who demonstrate physical strength and human resilience in addition to the five abilities listed in KUGS. Furthermore, we have actively promoted sending students to study abroad, the conversion of class subjects into English-language instruction by improving the English proficiency of faculty members, and the internationalization of our campuses by increasing the number of international students and foreign faculty members. Simultaneously, we have focused on producing human resources who have a strong command of English, a universal language, and who can actively contribute to our global society.

     Furthermore, in response to the acceleration of changes in the industrial structure due to the progress of AI, robot technology, and digital transformation (DX), in 2021, the sixth standard “Thrive in the Future” was newly added to KUGS, and the field-integrated liberal arts and STEAM education were strengthened. At the same time, we have realized reforms that understand the changes of the times while focusing on our original plan. This includes, for example, the establishment of a new college, the College of Transdisciplinary Sciences for Innovation, as a hub for interdisciplinary education between arts and sciences that meet the needs of Society 5.0.

     This project will end in March 2023. After that, we would like to contribute to the development of the local community and the larger world by making the project self-propelled and laterally developing the results so far. In the future, we aim to become an international innovation hub that establishes a virtuous cycle with people, knowledge, and society.

     We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those who have been involved in this project and those who have supported us. And we ask for your continued understanding and cooperation in our efforts.

April 2022

WADA Takashi
President, Kanazawa University

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