What´s a Super Global University?

What´s a Super Global University?

The Top Global University Project (Super Global Universities) is a project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan intended to provide support
focused on universities that carry out research at the world´s top level and universities that drive globalization.

Support for creation of Super Global Universities (website of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
Support for creation of Super Global Universities (website of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

Kanazawa University has been chosen as a Type B (Global Traction Type) university
on this SGU project

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Background and objectives

To train human resources who can thrive on the global stage

As the globalization of society advances rapidly, training human resources who can thrive on the global stage in a wide range of fields is becoming a pressing need. As training of such advanced global resources is promoted strategically around the world, Japanese universities too need to enhance their systems for educating global leaders.
In order to train human resources who are tolerant of different cultures and contribute to solving issues on a global scale and human resources who have global perspectives and contribute proactively to the creation of successful local communities, there is a need to enhance international competitive strengths by increasing the global capabilities of organizations and systems, while putting to use the unique characteristics and strengths of each.

From now on,
adaptability to and richness of globalization will be key points in choosing a university

Goal of our Plan

Based on the theme “Developing human resources to lead the global society and establish the Kanazawa University brand by thorough internationalization,”

KU will advance the university reforms needed for globalization in order to further strengthen its functions as a knowledge center for East Asia.The vision for KU 10 years in the future after these reforms can be expressed in the following three points.

Kanazawa University's Vision for the Future (PDF:13.4MB)

Project Pamphlet (PDF:4.2MB)

  • Be a university that provides high-quality education on international standards based on the unique global standard for human resources training (KUGS).

    Delivering innovative education that fosters the ability, strength,
    and human power to succeed in international society, based on the University´s own Kanazawa University Global Standards (KUGS)

  • Be a university that leads the globalization of Japan by nurturing “Kanazawa University Brand” human resources who take active roles in the world.

    Educating and training human resources under the KU brand
    who can thrive as core leaders in today´s knowledge-based society, regardless of region or country

  • Be a university that is the core of the world’s network of higher education and research in East Asia.

    Attracting a concentration of diverse human resources from across Japan and around the world as the center of an advanced global education and research network,
    through strategic educational and research alliances with outstanding universities overseas